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AviationSim - more realistic, more diverse, more fascinating. That is the new "First Class Feeling" among business simulations.

More realistic: More than 6.300 airports worldwide, more than 340 different aircrafts, real currencies, seasons, real jet fuel prices, night flight bans, codesharing, feeder flights, delays, technical and mechanical aircraft failures and real weather data influencing the game. These are only some of the countless features that we offer you in AviationSim.

More diverse: In AviationSim, you can do more than simply managing an airline. You also have the opportunity to establish maintenance, catering or groundhandling companies later on. Even if you stick to airlines, there are different ways of how to be a succesful manager. Do you like to fly passengers to their holiday in paradise? Then, the charter business is the way to go. Or do you prefer to carry passengers between metropoles at dumping prices? Either way, there are many more business models to develop and apply.

More fascinating: Interact with our players, develop strategies together, create common flight plans with the help of codesharing or teaming up in an alliance. Regardless of whether you perform feeder flights with your regional airline or connect the world's great capitals with each other, there can always be a severe storm or competition disturbing your carefully setup plan.

We wish you a lot of fun in getting started! In case you need help, our Support-Team will always be there for you.

AviationSim - Get the first class feeling
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Status Bravo 740 Normal
Status Charlie 1701 Beginner world